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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

This Web Site is dedicated to the TRUTH regarding the immoral, unethical and illegal past and current treatment of the 300 plus Independent Contractors (IC's) that pickup and deliver over 60% of DHL's American business.

The past and present Criminal Racketeering started in the late 1980's under the full knowledge, guidance and direction of the upper management of Airborne Express and continues to this very day under the direction and full knowledge of DHL Express. The reference to upper management of Airborne Express includes the past three highest ranking Executive Officers; Robert Cline, Robert Brazier and Carl Donaway.

This Web Site and my allegations and opinions of the past and present Racketeering is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and specifically California Code of Civil Procedure 425.16. This web site is intended to inform the visitors of a Public Issue in a Public Forum.

If any person, for any reason wishes to use the legal system to stop or modify my rights of Free Speech they are challenged to contact me at Airborne Express has sued me four times in the past and DHL Express has been harassing me recently in Bankruptcy Court so they do know how to contact me fairly well.

ExDHL Web Site Message Board

At the present time the only special feature to this web site is a Message Board which is fairly "wild and loose." The only moderator is "Paladin" and he (me) does not follow any particular set of rules. The only requirement is that if you wish to actually make posts you have to go through a registration process. This process does not require a valid e-mail address or the disclosure of any factual information regarding the posters identities. I specifically encourage all posters to hide any information that might identify you. The Message Board frequently includes profanity so if that offends you, please go elsewhere as it is not against the "rules".

The future of

This site will be a resource for various legal documents that prove the past and present Criminal Racketeering act ivies of Airborne Express and DHL Express. More importantly, this site will be continually updating the status of civil lawsuits and criminal legal action by various government entities. It is an important goal of this site to keep the TRUTH in the public's mind until DHL has (1) admitted their past and present bad acts, (2) changed their behavior to my satisfaction, and (3) paid restitution to those 1000 Independent Contractors that have been robbed over the past 15 plus years. In addition Paladin (me) intends to sponsor another web whose sole purpose will be to "influence" current customers of DHL Express. The first targets of this Boycott will be the largest customers like Dell, Major League Baseball, the United States Government and individual States like Ohio.

The Famous Disclaimer

Essentially I disclaim nothing, I am a citizen of the United States and I am exercising my rights of Free Speech. I am not an attorney but I clearly understand the "rules" regarding Libel, Slander, and Defamation of Character. I will be responsible for my acts as I'm sure the other Message Board posters will be for theirs. To the full extent of the law, I will refuse to cooperate with anyone seeking the identities of persons using this web site. Lastly this web site is not a business venture of any kind, it is not related to any business of any kind, and most importantly, it is not a "Business Pursuit" by any legal definition.


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